New Zealand’s Tectonically Active Southern Alps

Based in Gray, Tennessee, David Psimer is the CEO and owner of DP Builders, which focuses on multifamily housing projects. An avid traveler, David Psimer has visited scenic locales around the globe, ranging from Africa to New Zealand.

One of New Zealand’s most rugged areas is the Southern Alps, which feature the highest peaks in Australasia, including Mount Cook, which tops out at 12,316 feet. As reported in the New Zealand Herald, new research indicates that the Southern Alps are being pushed up by tectonic forces at a much faster rate than any other mountain chain worldwide. Popularized by the Lord of the Rings movies, the mountains are known for their extreme ruggedness, including 35-degree slopes. They also receive intensive rainfall, totaling 10 meters a year.

This combination of forces, along with active tectonic shifts, is rapidly changing the geography of the mountains. Measurements by University of Washington earth-science researchers found that mountaintop rock is turning to soil twice as fast as was believed possible. This combination of steepness and quick erosion is similar to the forces that may have formed the Himalayas.


Popular Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

David Psimer, the CEO and owner of the commercial construction company DP Builders, in Gray, Tennessee, enjoys traveling the world when he has the chance. Over the years, David Psimer has visited Canada, various countries in Africa, and New Zealand.

New Zealand is widely known for its range of environments and terrains. This variety gives New Zealand a unique assortment of tourist attractions, including the following.

– Coromandel Peninsula: Arguably New Zealand’s favorite tourist destination, the Coromandel Peninsula offers outstanding views of the coast, a rainforest, and white and golden sand beaches. Visitors can engage in a huge array of activities on the peninsula, ranging from digging their own hot pool to taking a glass-bottom boat out to Cathedral Cove.

– Sky Tower: For tourists who enjoy more city-based activities, Sky Tower rises up 1,076 feet above New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. It is the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest free-standing structure and allows visitors to see about 50 miles all around them. Sky Tower is also home to a revolving fine-dining restaurant.

– Fiordland National Park: Recognized as a World Heritage site, Fiordland National Park is the largest national park in the world. It includes everything from waterfalls and mountains to extensive rainforests, and park visitors can view some of the best landscapes New Zealand has to offer. Fiordland National Park is also home to Doubtful Sound and Milford Sound.