Hunting Laws in Tennessee

As CEO and owner of DP Builders in Gray, Tennessee, David Psimer specializes in budgeting and administration of residential and commercial building ventures. Outside of his professional responsibilities, David Psimer participates in a number of outdoor activities, including hunting.

Before taking a hunting excursion in Tennessee, it is important to remember the state’s various hunting laws and restrictions. Any person 13 years of age or older must hold a valid hunting permit prior to hunting or helping another person hunt. Exceptions are made for members of the military who hold leave papers and for landowners hunting on their own land. Additionally, children between 10 and 12 must possess a hunter education certificate.

Those looking to hunt or trap wildlife in any of Tennessee’s 100 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) must hold a hunting permit if they are over the age of 17. Youth are allowed to hunt only if accompanied by a licensed adult who is 21 or older. While hunting, baiting and turkey calling are not permitted. Moreover, hunters may not carry armed equipment of any kind unless they possess the proper authorization.