General Safety Tips for Hunters

A contracting executive by profession, David Psimer has been the owner and CEO of DP Builders for more than 26 years. In his free time, David Psimer enjoys such active hobbies as golf and hunting.

When considering safety, a hunter must pay attention to gear as well as to visibility. Hunters should ensure that all equipment is fully functional and that protective clothing is in good repair. Firearms, in particular, require careful control and should be handled at all times as though they are loaded and ready to shoot. This means that fingers should stay away from the trigger area until the moment of taking the shot, and that the hunter should be constantly aware and in full control of the muzzle’s direction.

Hunters should also be aware of where they are and who can see them. Experts recommend the wearing of the hunter orange color, which deer cannot distinguish from forest green but which can alert other hunters to a person’s location. Hunters that choose to shoot from trees must be sure that their stand is in good repair and at a safe height. A rope pulley system tends to be the safest way to raise and lower unloaded guns to and from the stand, as climbing with a weapon poses a serious risk of accidental shooting.


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