Preparing to Travel to Africa

In his professional life, David Psimer leads as owner of DP Builders in Gray, Tennessee. David Psimer is also an avid traveler and has visited many destinations across Africa.

When preparing for a trip to Africa, all travelers should be sure that their vaccinations are up-to-date. These include the diptheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, the polio vaccine, and the flu shot. Public health experts also recommend that travelers receive vaccines for diseases specific to the region, such as hepatitis A and yellow fever, among others.

In addition, visitors need to be sure that they have the appropriate papers. Travelers in West Africa can typically get around easily with a Visa Touristique Entente (VTE), though certain countries may require individual visas. Furthermore, drivers who plan to take rental cars around Africa may need either a triptyque or a carnet de passage, the second being valid for multiple countries and the first being a single-nation passage document. Carnets typically require that the driver be able to afford any import duties if the vehicle is abandoned, though insurance can cover these costs.


General Safety Tips for Hunters

A contracting executive by profession, David Psimer has been the owner and CEO of DP Builders for more than 26 years. In his free time, David Psimer enjoys such active hobbies as golf and hunting.

When considering safety, a hunter must pay attention to gear as well as to visibility. Hunters should ensure that all equipment is fully functional and that protective clothing is in good repair. Firearms, in particular, require careful control and should be handled at all times as though they are loaded and ready to shoot. This means that fingers should stay away from the trigger area until the moment of taking the shot, and that the hunter should be constantly aware and in full control of the muzzle’s direction.

Hunters should also be aware of where they are and who can see them. Experts recommend the wearing of the hunter orange color, which deer cannot distinguish from forest green but which can alert other hunters to a person’s location. Hunters that choose to shoot from trees must be sure that their stand is in good repair and at a safe height. A rope pulley system tends to be the safest way to raise and lower unloaded guns to and from the stand, as climbing with a weapon poses a serious risk of accidental shooting.

Elements of Correct Golf Posture

A contractor by profession, David Psimer owns and operates DP Builders in Gray, Tennessee. In his free time, David Psimer enjoys working on his golf game.

Stance plays a key role in an effective golf swing. The momentum of the club depends on the reliability of the axis around which the player’s body rotates. To have a solid axis, the player needs the kind of straight back that only comes from proper hip placement. Experts suggest that golfers experience this stance by standing straight and placing the fingertips at the joint in front of the pelvis. This allows the golfer to push the hips gently back and reach forward with a flat back and flat shoulder blades.

In this position, the golfer’s feet should be shoulder width apart if using shorter clubs and 2 to 3 inches beyond shoulder width for longer clubs. Knees should be parallel to the line of swing, and feet should point slightly left of the target in a square stance. From here, the club when swung should hit the ball.