Golf Digest Articles Offers Recovery Shot Tips from the Professionals

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Golf Digest recently issued an article with tips from some of the game’s top professional players on how to recover from a less-than-ideal shot. According to well-known English professional golfer Ian Poulter, playing out of deep rough requires that players hit down on the ball with a strong swing to power through the grass. Poulter states that players should position themselves a couple of inches further back from the ball than normal, place more weight on the front foot, and hinge the club rapidly during the backswing in order to hit down on the ball.

After a shot that lands in a deep bunker, South African golf professional, Louis Oosthuizen, recommends a straightforward grip adjustment to facilitate a high pop-up shot with a quick stop. Oosthuizen suggests weakening the right hand grip, leaving the left hand in a strong grip, and placing the ball slightly above center.