Developing a Good Golf Swing as a Beginner

Owner of DP Builders, David Psimer advises his project analysts and meets with investors and attorneys during the process of building multifamily homes and commercial properties. In his free time, David Psimer enjoys playing golf.

As a beginner, learning a proper golf swing is essential to developing and maintaining a good golf game. The first step of learning a good golf swing is the grip. Without mastering the grip, trying different swing techniques is not very helpful. There are three basic grip types: the baseball, the interlocking, and the overlapping. While the baseball grip simply involves holding the club like a baseball bat, the overlapping grip involves placing the pinky finger just over the index finger. Meanwhile, the interlocking grip, which is popular for players with smaller hands, locks the pinky between the middle and index fingers.

Posture is also an important part of the golf swing. A good stance balances your weight equally on both legs while your arms naturally hang down. Finally, the actual swing is important. There are several swing techniques that suit different body types, but at a basic level, they consist of moving the club back and carrying momentum forward by moving your upper body along with the swing. Rather than focusing on force, taking the swing calmly often results in a better hit on the ball. Also, some beginners may look at where they want the ball to go after being hit instead of looking at the ball, but this may cause you to miss entirely or hit the ball in the wrong spot.


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