Professional Golf – The Many Career Accomplishments of Billy Casper

An experienced executive in the construction industry, David Psimer serves as the owner and CEO of DP Builders, a construction company in Tennessee that builds commercial properties and multifamily housing. Outside of his professional endeavors, David Psimer enjoys spending time with family and engaging in various outdoor activities, such as golf.

Golf Digest recently issued an article highlighting the many career accomplishments of Billy Casper, a former professional golfer who passed away in early February. In recent media publications, Casper has been widely regarded as an underrated player, and the Golf Digest article reviews many of Casper’s most impressive golfing achievements, including his 51 PGA Tour titles. Only six other players in golfing history hold more titles, and golf’s current players are far from surpassing Casper’s record, with Phil Mickelson being the closest contender at 42 wins.

Not only did Casper win 51 PGA Tours, but three of those wins were majors championships. The Golf Digest article notes that just 13 other players have won more majors since Casper’s first win in 1959. In evidence of his enduring success, Casper also won one or more PGA Tour events for 16 consecutive years, a streak that is only surpassed by golfing legends Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.